Saturday, November 2, 2013

An Unexpected Opportunity for Creativity

One of my new pattern designs is a matching stocking cap and neckwarmer in reversible brioche rib, in two colors.  I was excited about using this technique, because the fabric looks slightly different on each side.  Each color makes a column of knit stitches on one side of the fabric, and a column of purl stitches on the other, so each side of the fabric has one color slightly more prominent than the other.

The folded-down collar is the "back" side of the fabric
In rhe course of designing and writing the pattern, I had made up a half dozen of these, and I wanted to include pictures of each one in my pattern.  So I spent some time this summer doing photo shoots of the different colorways I had made.  I always try to come up with interesting shots, as doing these photo sessions can get somewhat tedious.  As I began playing with this neckwarmer, I found more and more ways to style it!  Who knew a simple rectangle could be styled in so many different ways!  For example...collar up, collar down, one side up and one down, collar turned down like a shawl collar, button closure in the front, back, or at either side, under or over a coat...what fun!  Below are some of the many possibilities. 

 If you are interested in this pattern, it is available for sale at any of these venues:

 I love the versatility of this simple accessory!  What is your most versatile accessory?

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