Friday, December 7, 2018

Stitch Swatch Sampler Swatch 9: Slip Stitch Rib


This is an amazing stitch pattern.  It forms a fabric that, when turned  90 degrees, resembles a knitted ribbing, both in appearance and resilient stretchiness.  

Slip Stitch Rib Swatch, turned 90 degrees
Once you practice a bit, I think you will love it!  It is much more rib-like than single crochet in the back loop.  If you choose to use this as a rib at the edge of a sweater or cap, you will need to crochet it from side to side of the garment…that’s just the way this stitch works.

The stretch of this rib
Ch 17 (multiple of 1, +2 turning chains)
Row 1:  Sl st in 3rd ch from hook and in each ch across row.  15 sts.  Turn work.
Row 2:  Ch 1, sl st in BL of each st across row.  Turn work.

Rep Row 2 until your piece measures 4 inches.  Break off and weave in ends.

Abbreviations:  Ch  chain  sl st  slip stitch  st  stitch  BL  back loop  Rep  repeat

To work a sl st, insert the hook into the next st, yo hook, and draw through the st, then immediately through the loop on the hook.

Slip Stitch Rib Pro Tips:
  •  Turn the right edge of the work to the back, then to the left at the end of each row.  It might seem more natural to turn the work as if the fabric were the page of a book, but I find turning it this way creates a nicer edge.  Try it both ways, and see which you prefer.
  •  Instead of inserting the hook into the back loop of the last stitch, insert it under the front loop and the diagonal loop at the edge of the work (see photos).
  •  Be sure to not work your slip stitches too tightly.  Aim for a consistent, even tension.

  • Insert hook under the strand marked in red, then under the strand marked in blue
    Hook inserted under horizontal strand
Hook inserted under diagonal strand at edge.  Note that the hook tip comes out to the side, rather than to the back of the work.

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