Monday, February 18, 2019

Stitch Swatch Sampler Swatch 12: Half Double Crochet


Swatch 12:  Half Double Crochet

Half double crochet can be a little trickier to work than the other stitches, because you are drawing your loop through more loops on the hook as you work it.  But if this stitch is new to you, you will find that you will develop a “feel” for it, and it will become comfortable with practice.

To work a half double crochet:  Yo hook, insert hook into next st, draw up loop in st, yo and draw through all 3 loops on hook.
Ch 15 (multiple of 1, plus 2 turning chains)
Row 1:  Hdc in 4th ch  and in each st across row.  Turn work.
Row 2:  Ch 2 (counts as st), hdc in next st and in each st across row.  13 sts.  Turn work.
Rep Row 2 until piece measures 4 inches (My swatch has 10 rows).  Break off; weave in ends.

Abbreviations:  ch  chain  dc   st(s)  stitch(es)   hdc  half double crochet  Rep  repeat   yo  yarn over hook

Half Double Crochet Pro Tips:
  • ·         When drawing the hook through 3 loops, make sure the open part of the hook is facing down (toward the starting chain), not toward you.  This will allow the hook to slide through all 3 loops more easily, without catching on them.
  • ·         When turning work, bring the right side of the work to the back, then to the left instead of turning the work as though you were turning a page in a book.  This just makes a nicer edge in my opinion…try it and see which you like better.
  • ·         Be sure to work your last stitch of the row into the turning chain, not into the top of a stitch.  This will create a smoother selvedge edge.

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