Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Sky at Night: An Etsy Treasury

One of the fun things one can do on the Etsy site is create a treasury of the beautiful products available there.  I just made one, and want to share it with my readers.  It's called The Sky at Night, and it contains some amazing creations.  If you want a closer look, go to Etsy and check out the actual listings by clicking on each one.  Have fun!

The idea behind the treasury is to promote Etsy products in a creative and beautiful way.  Treasuries are often created using a theme.  The top three rows are the actual treasury, that would be displayed, say, on Etsy's home page (I know, dream on!!).  The fourth row is a set of alternates that could be used if some of the items above should sell.

I enjoy trying to come up with the most pleasing arrangement I can of the items in my treasuries.  I choose a theme, and do one or several searches on Etsy until I find suitable items that seem to go together.

This one was great fun--I love the deep blues and the luminescence of these items.  Enjoy!

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