Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Studio of My Own!

One of the looms built by my grandfather--isn't it beautiful?

Last weekend, we moved my fiber stuff (at least most of it!) into my new studio. I now have looms, sewing and knitting machines, fiber processing equipment, my computer and a good portion of my yarn stash all in one room! Yet to come is a place for my collection of fiber-related books, and I'm not sure the spinning wheels will ever find a home in the studio--they may have to live upstairs. I am realizing that I could probably have used twice as much space in here (I still have boxes and boxes of fiber, plus lots of fiber equipment, still stored in the garage!), but I am so thankful for what I have. Kudos to my husband and son for remodeling this space for me from a garage bay to a working studio!

My mind is buzzing with the possibilities. What should I weave first? The looms have been residing in our garage (otherwise known to the family as The Barn) for the last couple of years, so I will have to remember how to warp them efficiently. I still need to find some of the warping equipment, which is still hiding in The Barn somewhere, along with loom benches, shuttles, and bobbins. Oh, will take me a while to decide how to warp the looms, anyway. I always find the planning and warping the most difficult parts of weaving. Once I get the warp in place, things get much easier!

In the meantime, I am busily preparing for a fall season of local venues, as well as trying to write up knitting and crochet patterns for public consumption, to self-publish as pdf files.

The life of a fiber artist is never dull!


Sharon said...

It's cool that your studio is finished!

Isn't it amazing how much there is to do, and how quickly one's studio can fill up? I find that now I could definitely use twice the space.

Rebecca said...

I'm excited! There is a certain amount of pressure to get all this equipment operating, though! ^_^

It seems that we always fill up whatever space we have, doesn't it?!