Friday, May 15, 2015

Styling the Garter Slip Rib Scarf, #2

Here are three more fun stylings that can be done with a knitted scarf (and many other scarves as well).  I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

4)  Half Knot Wrap

To style this one, place the center of the scarf at the back of the neck; bring the ends forward and tie them in a half knot.

Now bring the left end back to the left and the right end to the right, wrap each of them around the back of the neck and around to the front again on the opposite side.

5)  Asymmetrical Double Half-Knot

For this one, wrap the scarf around the neck with the left end a little longer, and tie at the front in a half knot.

Now cross the right end over the left and wrap loosely around to the back and back to the front again.
Cross right end over left, to the back...
and around the back to the front again.

Last, wrap the long end up under the short end, back over it and out underneath it towards the back.  
Wrap the long end under the short end...
up over it, and underneath towards the back.

Voila!  I love this look.

6)  Twisted Rose

Place the center of the scarf at the front of the neck and bring the ends to the back, cross them, and wrap back to the front again.  Adjust so that the left end is a little bit longer.  Now for the tricky part:  twist the left end counter-clockwise for most of its length, making sort of a loosely spiraled tubular shape, and cross it under the other end.

Cross twisted left end under untwisted right end
Wrap the twisted end up...

Wrap this twisted end up and over the other end, then around under it and pull the twisted end through the loop you just created, from back to front. 

over the other end...
and pull it through the loop from the back.

Allow the end of this side to untwist.  Adjust the loop so it is snugly up against the scarf where it wraps against the neck; tighten if necessary.  This one looks great off to one side, too!

Stay tuned for more scarf styles..6 more to come!

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