Saturday, May 16, 2015

Styling the Garter Slip Rib Scarf #3

Here is the next installment of my series on styling knitted scarves.

7)  Loose Double Wrap

Just wrap the scarf loosely around the neck twice, making sure that the second wrap is looser and curves out towards the shoulders.  This will work differently with more or less drapey scarves.

8)  Wrap and Twist

Place the center of the scarf at the front of the neck, and wrap ends to the back, cross them, and bring back to the front again.  Twist them both in the same direction,

wrap each across the front, to the back, and to the front again, keeping them twisted.  Tuck the ends under the bottom twist on each side to keep the twist in place (let the short ends lie untwisted).

9)  Intertwined Loops

Place center of scarf at back of neck and bring ends to the front, crossing one over the other. 

Fold them around each other, bringing each one back on the same side it came forward on so that you have two intertwined loops at the front of the neck.  Bring each end of scarf around the back of the neck and to the front on the other side.









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