Friday, September 3, 2010

The Tendency Towards Texture, Part 1

I am inspired by many things around me. I have a great appreciation for the beauty of creation, and I often am distracted from my immediate task to behold some new wonder: the colors of a sunset, the pattern of the petals in a flower, the interplay of light and shadow on a dappled lawn, or the subtle and intricate texture of leaves on a plant. These beauties, while I may not directly represent them in my creations, become a part of me, and they do affect the things that I make. I like to record them in a photograph as often as possible, so that I can review them and continue to be inspired by the images.

I am very drawn to texture, and am always noticing textures in the world around me.  Here are some images that have inspired me:

I am always enchanted by the morning light on the huge hemlock tree in our yard.  The texture of the sun-bathed needles against the darker background never ceases to fascinate me.

For some reason, after living in our house for a couple of years now, I only just noticed this bush blooming for the first time this spring.  I love the way the flower clusters droop so gracefully.  For some reason, this bush in full bloom reminds me of a fireworks display (see the next picture).  Do you see it?

I love the texture of horsetail against the smoother leaves behind it:

Anyone who has ever gone on a walk with me on a sunny day can attest to the fact that I love the way the leaves of the trees glow when the sunlight hits them.  Consequently (much to my family's chagrin), I often stop to take pictures of the textured, glowing leaves.  Perhaps I should consider this color, more than texture, but the differing shades of the same color speak to me of texture.  Here are a couple of examples:

I guess this second one could also be considered pattern, as I am drawn to the curved branches and the leaves surrounding them.  These branches turning upwards towards the sun gladden my heart--they seem joyful, and hopeful.

More fireworks:  Can you see the little buds about to burst into bloom?  Check out the contrast of the buds, the flowers, the stems and the leaves.


 These shiny leaves, with their interesting shape, also fascinated me:

All of these images inspire my explorations in texture.  In a future post, I hope to share some of the textured items I have made.  In the meantime,  I hope you will notice the many intricate textures around you!

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