Monday, September 6, 2010

The Tendency Towards Texture, Part 3

Now that I have shared some of my inspiration, I'll show you some of my textured creations.  Can you see any ways in which the images that inspire me have affected the things I create?

Most knitted or crocheted items have an inherent texture to them.  But some techniques lend themselves to texture more than others.  Cables, for example, have a very blatant texture. 

Here is a Bavarian Twist Stitch cabled cap and fingerless gloves, with lots of texture:

Twined Knitting creates a fabric with wonderful texture:

This next photo shows a crocheted felted purse, with post stitch ridges creating the texture:

In this knitted vest, bobbles, lace, and textured patterns combine to create a highly textured fabric (note the leaves and flowers here!):

The open spaces contrasting against the solid areas in lace knitting or crocheted lace also create a kind of texture.  Here's a knitted example:

And here's an example of crocheted lace, in a bridal wristlet:

Sometimes, texture can be created just by using a fuzzy or textured yarn:

Even the lowly garter stitch creates a lovely ridged texture:

Ruffles can create beautiful texture, as well:

In beadwork, the texture may be produced by the contrast of matte and shiny beads:

And, finally, texture can be combined with color and shape, as in this freeform crochet wall hanging:

I hope you enjoyed the "tour" of some of my textured creations! If you want more information about them, some of them are listed in my Etsy shop.


Gwennie said...

That blue capelet is one of my favorites!

Unknown said...

I love the twined knitted hat! Where can I get the pattern?

Rebecca said...

Mary Ann, I am actually preparing that pattern for publication right now. It has taken me quite a while to write it up, as it includes instructions for the twined knitting technique, and I am including (for the first time) several sizes in the pattern instructions. When it is completed, it will be available in my Craftsy shop ( ), my ravelry store ( ), or my Etsy shop ( ). If you would like, I could email you to let you know when it is ready. Just email me if you would like me to do that. My email address is Thanks for asking!

Rebecca said...

For anyone who is interested in my Twined Knitted Cap pattern, the pattern is now complete and is available for sale on Craftsy (, on Ravelry (, and in my Etsy shop (