Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Tendency Towards Texture Part 2

Before I show some examples of my own explorations of texture, I have a few more inspiring textural images to share.  The first one is some kind of lichen (I think...?), that I found growing on a tree.  The tendrils remind me of some of the fuzzier yarns I have seen.

This next photo shows a decaying tree stump, with cracks and smooth, patterned depressions (carved out by some sort of bug...?).  It fascinated me.

I see texture in clusters of flowers, too.  Here is an example:

I enjoy the pebbles on the beach, or even just in a neighbor's yard.  I'm not sure if I'm more drawn to the texture or the color here!

Speaking of the beach, I found these shiny bubbles contrasted against the coarse, dark sand:

 And here is foam on the water, reminding me of a damask tablecloth:

Here is more texture on water--isn't it beautiful?

And of course, I must include some pictures of the ubiquitious glowing leaves--see the different sizes and shapes?

Of course, leaves don't have to glow to get my attention:

Even in the winter, they can distract me from my walk:

By now, I'm sure you thoroughly pity anyone who has ever had the unpleasant and tedious duty of taking me for a walk.  Kudos to my youngest, who has borne the brunt of the burden for a number of years, now, with patience and grace!

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